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ReSound has a rich heritage, creating cutting-edge hearing solutions since 1943. Throughout the years, ReSound has broken new ground for sound processing with Wide Dynamic Range Compression and created the first Made for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch hearing aids, among other industry firsts.

ReSound is the proud recipient of the following awards.

Vincitore dei premi per l'innovazione del CES 2023

Custom made by ReSound e ReSound OMNIA sono stati selezionati come CES Innovation Awards Honoree per il loro design innovativo e le loro caratteristiche ingegneristiche.

Premio BIG Innovation 2022

ReSound Key viene premiato dal Business Intelligence Group per aver dato vita a nuove idee che cambiano il modo in cui viviamo il mondo.

Premio Hearing Technology Innovator 2022

Il design Custom Made by Resound è stato selezionato come vincitore degli Hearing Technology Innovator Awards.

Premio Best in Biz 2021

ReSound Key è stata premiata con il Best in Biz Award come prodotto di consumo dell'anno.

Premio Hearing Technology Innovator 2021

ReSound ONE è stato premiato con l'Hearing Technology Innovator Award 2021 nella categoria degli apparecchi acustici con ricevitore nel canale.

Best in Biz Awards 2021

ReSound One™ was awarded with Gold in Best in Biz for Best New Product of the Year - Consumer, an award that recognizes the novelty in our product offering.

Gold Stevie Award 2021

The Stevie Awards, part of the International Business Awards, honoured ReSound ONE™ with the prestigious Gold Stevie Award in the two categories Health and Pharmaceuticals and Technical Innovation of the Year.  In addition, ReSound Key™ was awarded with the Gold Stevie Award in the Consumer Products – Durables category.

Silver Stevie Award 2021

ReSound’s continous innovation efforts were further highlighted in other categories, with both ReSound ONE™ and ReSound Key™ winning Silver Stevie Awards for Achievement in Product Innovation.

Big Innovation Award 2021

ReSound ONE™ is awarded by the Business Intelligence Group for bringing new ideas to life that change the way we experience the world. Based on our groundbreaking M&RIE (Microphone & Receiver-In-Ear) design, our innovative hearing solution offers a truly individualised, more complete sound experience, using each person’s unique ear shape to collect sound the way nature intended.

Best in Biz Award 2020

ReSound ONE with M&RIE was awarded a Silver Best in Biz Award for Most Innovative Product Feature of the Year. This award recognizes resilience and the ability to innovate against the odds. 

Gold Stevie Award 2020

The Stevie Awards, part of the International Business Awards, honoured ReSound ONE™ with the prestigious Gold Stevie Award in the Health and Pharmaceuticals category. 

Silver Stevie Awards 2020

ReSound Assist Live, enabling hearing care professionals to offer at-home care, has won two Stevie Awards for Most Valuable Medical Innovation and Most Valuable Service.

Fast Company Award 2020

ReSound was recognized in the Fast Company Awards for its leadership in ASHA streaming, winning it the distinction of ‘Life Changing Idea’.

BIG Innovation Award 2020

The Business Intelligence Group honoured ReSound LiNX Quattro™ for introducing new innovative technology that enables direct streaming of audio from millions of smartphones. 

Edison Award 2020

ReSound’s contribution to innovation was also recognized by the Edison Awards, where ReSound achieved a bronze award for its Direct Android streaming using Bluetooth Low Energy.

Hearing technology Innovator 2020

Organized by leading industry outlet, Hearing Health Matters, the Hearing Technology Innovator awards recognizes the best of the best in the hearing industry. In 2020, ReSound ONE was recognized as a groundbreaking innovation.

Good Design Award 2018/2020

Awarded for demonstrating excellence in originality, proposal power, aesthetics and level of completion.

CES Innovation Awards 2017/2019

Innovation Awards Honoree for outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology, awarded by Consumer Electronic Show, USA.

IHS Markit Innovation Awards 2019

ReSound LiNX Quattro In-the-Ear (ITE) custom-crafted hearing aids received a special accolade in the Fitness, wearables and health devices category at the prestigious awards at Showstoppers @ IFA in Berlin, Germany.

UX Design Awards 2019

Our unique bimodal hearing care solution comprising ReSound LiNX Quattro hearing aids and the cochlear implant system Cochlear Nucleus® 7 – working together in the Smart Hearing Alliance – has been awarded the prestigious UX Design Awards 2019 for Product Design.

Gold Stevie Award 2018

In 2018, ReSound was recognized with two separate Gold Stevie Awards. ReSound LiNX 3D was named best New Product and best Technological Innovation of the year.

Die Goldene Concha 2016/2018

Best range of hearing aids awarded by independent German audiologists.

IHS Markit Innovation Awards 2017

IHS Markit awarded ReSound LiNX 3D the IHS Markit Innovation Award, selecting it as the most innovative product in the fitness, wearables, and health devices category at the show. 

Bronze Stevie Award 2017

ReSound was recognized for its exceptional customer service team and as a Company of the Year.

Golden Lobe Award 2016

Best power hearing system and best mobile app, awarded by UK Association of Independent Hearing Health Professionals.

IHS Markit 2018

IHS Markit awarded ReSound LiNX Quattro the IHS Markit Innovation Award, selecting it as the most innovative product in the fitness, wearables, and health devices category at the show. 

ReSound hearing aids

At ReSound, we think big and challenge the norm so that we can transform lives through the power of sound. These awards confirm our passion and commitment for inspiring a brighter future for those with hearing loss.

ReSound help your clients to hear more, do more and be more.

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