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Ultra Focus

Forms a powerful directional pattern using the sound from both hearing aids so your client can focus on the person in front of them.

End user benefit
Great one-to-one hearing experience in the toughest environments.

Ultra Focus prioritises sound from the side with the least noise to make the speech as clear as possible. This unique feature gives up to 1.5 dB signal-to-noise ratio improvement when noise is louder on one side. While speech is made clearer, Ultra Focus can still help clients maintain spatial cues around them, by using the speech frequencies for the targeted directionality in front and the high and low frequencies to monitor the environment. It provides up to 30% percent improvement in speech understanding over All Access Directionality.*

Your clients can choose Ultra Focus via the ReSound Smart 3DTM app or the program button on their ReSound ONE hearing aids.

*Groth J. (2020). The evolution of the binaural hearing strategy: All Access Directionality and Ultra Focus. ReSound white paper.