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Balance nature with science

  • We take the Organic Hearing approach because we believe that inspiration should come from how we hear and interact naturally with the world around us.
  • Our goal is to balance nature with science in perfect harmony, designing hearing solutions that perfectly fit the patient’s life, instead of requiring them to fit their life around their hearing loss.
  • Organic Hearing isn’t a new concept to us. The legacy of Organic Hearing naturally includes many examples of groundbreaking innovations.

Our history of innovations

ReSound was the first hearing aid manufacturer to understand and apply new knowledge about the inner ear to compensate for damage to it’s delicate structure. We later refined the frequency resolution of this feature based on a model of the human cochlea with WARP-based processing.

ReSound engineered a design that was small, virtually invisible on the ear, and left the ear canal completely open. This allowed people to benefit from amplification of sounds they had trouble hearing without interfering with sounds they could hear naturally.

ReSound looked beyond the technology to the intricacies of the human brain and how it integrates sound from both ears. We developed a way to apply directional microphones that give users better hearing in noise without cutting out their surroundings. We continue to follow this binaural strategy today.

The brain relies on important acoustic cues from both ears that are disrupted by directional processing. By splitting the input sound into bands and applying directionality only in the area where it contributed most to speech intelligibility, we could keep these natural cues intact while still benefiting the patient while hearing in noise.

The way people naturally use their hearing extends to how they interact with today’s technology. ReSound saw an opportunity to increase accessibility to consumer audio without stigmatizing the patient with cumbersome extra devices. We established new standards for accessibility for hearing aid users that has given them expanded opportunities to hear better in every environment.

By adding a third microphone inside the ear canal as part of the receiver module, we created a more individualized hearing solution that uses the ear anatomy to collect sound the way nature intended.

The next evolution of Organic Hearing

This organic approach differs markedly from other, more traditional hearing aid solutions.

Organic Hearing, as realized most recently in ReSound ONE™, enables enhancement of the patient’s experience of the acoustic environment and provides a transparent sound that is unique to the individual, like nature intended.


Organic Hearing in ReSound ONE

ReSound ONE showcases the latest evolution of Organic Hearing innovations with breakthrough technology that maximizes sound quality and benefits by imitating the native strategies of healthy auditory processing.



Preserves and helps restore spatial cues by collecting sound using the patient's individual ear anatomy with the world’s first-of-its-kind* M&RIE (Microphone & Receiver-in-Ear).

*Microphone in ear and two standard directional microphones, directionality features, wireless audio streaming

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All Access Directionality

Optimizes situational awareness and the natural ability to separate sounds in the environment, and seamlessly transitions directional microphone patterns as the environment changes.

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Ultra Focus

Enhances speech intelligibility for the most challenging listening situations, while maintaining important, natural environmental cues.

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Smart devices

Easily connect hearing aids to your patients' compatible smart devices to stream audio from their TV, favorite audiobook or even GPS directions.

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ReSound has been a leader in giving patients, simple-to-use apps to interact and adjust their hearing aids.

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