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NoiseTracker II

Reduces disturbing background sound without affecting speech audibility.

End user benefit
Improves listening comfort without compromising speech understanding.

NoiseTracker™ II reduces noise by spectral subtraction. It analyzes the incoming sound and recognizes when speech is present within the individual bands. A spectral analysis is continuously carried out whenever speech is not present. This allows the noise spectrum to effectively be “subtracted” from the total signal without affecting speech. The amount of noise subtracted is dependent on the setting, and is weighted according to a speech importance function. For devices with a situation-dependent noise reduction, the setting can be different for each of the 7 environments recognized by the Environment Classifier. To ensure a seamless, natural listening experience, an infinite number of actual settings are applied based on a weighted analysis of the Environmental Classifier data.

LiNX Quattro 9 / LiNX Quattro 7 / LiNX 3D 9 / LiNX 3D 7 / LiNX 3D 5 / ENZO 3D / Up Smart 9 Mild, Moderate, Considerable, Strong, Per Environment
ENZO2 7 / ENZO 3D 7 / Up Smart 7 / Up 7 Mild, Moderate, Considerable
LiNX Quattro 5/ LiNX 3D 5/ ENZO 3D 5 / Up Smart 5 / Magna 4 Mild, Moderate
Enya 4, Enya 3, Enya 2 / Magna 2 On/off
* On = Mild

 Mild  - 3 dB
Moderate - 6 dB
Considerable  - 8 dB
Strong  - 10 dB