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Experience a special online concert from World Hearing Day

On World Hearing Day, we were delighted to invite you to experience the amazing singer-songwriter Sivu perform a selection of his tracks in a special online concert for World Hearing Day.

Meniere’s disease in both ears threatened Sivu’s ability to create the music he lives for, but with proper hearing care and ReSound ONE™ he has been able to get his life back and follow his passion again – writing, recording and performing music.

Please enjoy this touching and inspirational hearing experience from March 3rd.

See the online concert from March 3rd

Take the first step towards great hearing today

ReSound celebrated World Hearing Day on March 3rd, because everyone deserves great hearing. World Hearing Day is an important reminder of the positive impact hearing care has on quality of life. It strengthens our resolve to help every individual deal with their hearing loss. ReSound hearing aids solutions always give patients the most natural, individualized and premium hearing experience.

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Singer-songwriter, Sivu creating music again after being fit with ReSound ONE

Singer-songwriter, Sivu found the 'colors' he needs to create music with ReSound ONE