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ReSound Smart Fit™ 1.18

Q1 2024 Release

The enhancements in ReSound Smart Fit include:

  • Support for new BTE, ITE and CIC premium products
  • Support for new CIC essentials products
  • Moving consent from FSW, to be exclusively handled in the App
  • HCP and Client reports
  • Low frequency gain notification
  • AutoREM support for additional modules
  • Serial number copy option

Download ReSound Fitting Flow guide (pdf)

Installation instructions

  • Download the zipped file to your computer desktop
  • Extract the zipped files on your desktop
  • If Aventa 3, or Smart Fit is already installed, make sure it is closed
  • Run/click the Setup.exe to install

The Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 operating systems, Noah 3 are no longer supported with this version of Fitting Software.

Download (zip)

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What's New

  • New product support include rechargeable BTE and ITE/ITC products, as well as disposable 10A battery CIC products. The software will be able to connect to the hearing instruments . If these hearing instruments have already been launched in your country, they will display in the model list. Otherwise, they will display upon connection to the software.
  • Consent flow is now exclusively managed in the App. This change alleviates the HCP from being responsible of storing and documenting consent. Fewer clicks required, easier workflow for the HCP who can better spend their time on the client.
  • The Clinician- and Client Reports have been revisited and are now located on one screen named 'Reports', with a modernized and simpler look, with one point of access. The revisit also includes a few new options for the HCP including the option of a larger font and/or select a different language for their client. Moreover, HCPs can now download reports for professionals to keep records and for clients to receive electronically. The new laoyout helps the HCP with client onboarding and it eliminates eliminates the need of scrolling through the options and gives more opportunities for customization, benefitting the HCP and their clients.
  • Low Frequency Gain notifications includes a notification on the screen, which occurs only if the HCP increases the low frequency gains by more than 10dB. The notification is temporary and does not hinder the HCP to proceed with their work. It merely serves the purpose of guiding them away from doing flawed fittings by increasing the low frequencies for vent- or leakage compensation.
  • Improvements are introduced in the AutoREM feature. As of this fitting software release, the soft and loud gains will no longer be reset to target when the 'Match Target' option is initiated. In addition, more equipment support has been added, including Maestro v. 1.23 by Inventis and Affinity Compact by Interacoustics.
  • The 'Client' and 'Instrument Set-up' screens include the option of copying the hearing instrument's serial number and pasting it to their records, easing the HCP's work and safeguarding against typos.