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Beltone Boost Ultra

The most powerful hearing solution

Upgrade your clients' everyday from good to ultra good



Beltone Boost Ultra product lineup

Hearing loss level: Severe to profound hearing loss

Clearer, fuller and richer sound quality.

With the support of a superior hearing solution, life changes from good to ultra good. Beltone Boost UltraTM provides the most complete hearing care solution for those with severe to profound hearing loss. With Beltone Boost Ultra, your clients will hear life to the fullest.

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30% more computing power1

100% faster1

20% reduction in power consumption1

1. Jespersen et al. (2018)

design features


Beltone Boost Ultra is available in two powerful models, plus colours that complement hair and skin tones.

BTE 86 - High power

  • Battery size: 13
  • Telecoil and Direct Audio Input (DAI) functionalities
  • Full line of wireless accessories

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BTE 95 - Super power

  • Battery size: 675
  • Telecoil and Direct Audio Input (DAI) functionalities
  • Full line of wireless accessories

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Colour options

Support materials

Click on the link below to access brochures, guides, how-to videos, one-pagers and white papers.

Support materials

Offer greater situational awareness

Offer innovative and improved
sound-processing technology

Great hearing clarity all around with CrossLink Directionality 22

Greater listening comfort with Impulse Noise Reduction3

Eliminate the risk of feedback with Feedback Eraser

Distortion-free sound experience and a dynamic range up to 116 dB SPL4

2. Groth (2016)

3. Sjolander et al. (2019)

4. Groth (2018)

Empower your clients to handle any moment

Great first fit acceptance with the ‘First Time User – Onboarding’ profile in Beltone Solus MaxTM 1.185

Correct hearing aid wear from the start for the best acoustic performance with ‘Check My Fit’6

All-weatherproof (IP68-rated) design for maintenance-free hearing7

All-day battery on one charge7

5. Koehler et al. (2023)

6. Yang et al. (2022)

7. GN proprietary data on file

 Beltone Boost Ultra Features

Offers your clients unparalleled speech recognition and more auditory cues and information for a clearer, fuller and richer listening experience.

A dynamic range of range up to 113 dB* lets clients can feel comfortable and enjoy clean sounds and minimal distortion even in loud environments, such as concerts or out on the town.

*Only applies to the BBU1786 and BBU986.

Adjusts sudden loud noises, so your clients experience them at a more comfortable level.

Removes feedback from the signal before it is amplified, so only clean, undistorted sound reaches your clients’ ears. Feedback Eraser increases the stability of any fitting.

Compresses hard-to-hear high-frequency sounds into a smaller area of the sound spectrum. Users enjoy more detailed sound, such as the subtle sounds of nature or music playing in the background.


Your clients won’t miss a beat

• Boost speech understanding by 50% for clearer phone calls8

• Stream music, calls and more from iPhone, iPad or Android™ devices

8. Jespersen & Kirkwood (2016)

Beltone HearMax app

Your clients can use our app to check they are wearing their hearing aids correctly, personalise their sound experience, and request assistance from you.

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Wireless accessories

Full ecosystem featuring the Beltone HearMax™ app, wireless accessories, and direct streaming.

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With Beltone Boost Ultra, your clients can be confident that you, their hearing care professional, will always be there to help. Conveniently adjust hearing aid settings with remote fine-tunings via Beltone Remote Care or Beltone Remote Care Live.

Remote fine-tuning - Live

Offer face-to-face calls, even from afar, making sure your clients always have the best possible solution at hand.

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