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Help your clients choose the right hearing solution

The details decide if a hearing aid goes in the ears or in the drawer.
We’ve made it easy for you to guide your clients towards the right choice - whatever their needs.

Compare hearing solutions below - or deep dive into the benefits of ReSound ONE or ReSound OMNIA.

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ReSound OMNIA        Custom made by ReSound

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The everyday details that make a huge difference
Wow your clients from the start and keep excelling at what you do with ReSound OMNIA™. Everything is based on Organic Hearing, our unique approach to creating hearing solutions that sound natural, feel natural and connect your clients naturally.

What ReSound OMNIA Hearing Aid Users Say
“It’s been a real game changer. In loud settings I can hear so much better with it. I’m no longer that guy sitting quietly with nothing to say – I’m part of the conversation again.”
- Jarred Christmas, Comedian.

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Custom made by ReSound

Whatever you think about custom hearing aids, think again
Our most advanced hearing technology comes hidden in a rechargeable earbud design, custom made by you and ReSound, combining our experience in true wireless earbuds from Jabra, our sister company.

What Custom made by ReSound Hearing Aid Users Say
“Going out to dinner with friends was a challenge in a noisy restaurant. Watching TV movie was always a problem. Hearing aids really help you stay connected, with the people you’re talking to, your relatives, your friends.”
- Wendy Buemi, Retired.

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Feature comparison

Compare performance and key features across our ReSound Portfolio.

ReSound ONE
ReSound ONE
ReSound Quattro
Enzo Q
Hearing in any environment
All Access Directionality Learn more
Binaural Directionality III Learn more and Spatial Sense Learn more
Clear and effortless conversations while being aware of other surrounding sounds
Binaural Directionality III Learn more and Spatial Sense Learn more
One-to-one hearing in toughest environments
Ultra Focus Learn more
Enhanced ear-to-ear performance
Clear and effortless conversations while being aware of other surrounding sounds
Automatically adapts to different environments, adjusting volume and noise to reduce listening effort
Natural sound
M&RIE Learn more
Distortion-free sound processing and access to
more tones and nuances of clear sound
Noise management and DFS Ultra II Learn more
Advanced noise management systems for more comfort in noise while maintaining audibility
Premium or Standard charger options Learn more
Premium or Desktop charger options Learn more
Premium or Desktop charger options Learn more

Find the right solution.
For you. And your clients.

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Make ReSound ONE your clients natural choice

Hearing aid features are not just features.
They’re benefits the hearing aid user will experience every day when wearing their hearing solution.

Here’s how the unique ReSound ONE features translate to better, more natural hearing for your clients.

All-Access Directionality

For Hearing Care Professionals:
Guided by the Organic Hearing philosophy, our new 4 microphone beamformer uses AI to automatically adjust directional microphone patterns to put clients in the best and most natural position to hear what’s important and still monitor the sounds around them.
For Hearing Aid Users:
All-Access Directionality puts clients in the best position to hear sounds naturally, for greater hearing in any environment. By allowing them to access more sounds than other hearing aids, it lets their brains classify what is important, not their hearing aids.
Hear the benefits of All-Access Directionality  
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Ultra Focus

For Hearing Care Professionals:
The user-controlled Ultra Focus uses a powerful combined directional pattern from both hearing aids to focus on the person in front of your client. When they need extra help in very noisy environments, it provides a 30% improvement in speech understanding over All Access Directionality.*
For Hearing Aid Users:
Great one-to-one hearing experience in the toughest environments. When the sound environment is most demanding, Ultra Focus lets clients hear and understand speech, to stay connected to others. The outcome is a renewed confidence in situations, which they might otherwise have avoided.

*Groth J. (2020). The evolution of the binaural hearing strategy: All Access Directionality and Ultra Focus. ReSound white paper.
Hear the benefits of Ultra Focus 
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For Hearing Care Professionals:
The Microphone & Receiver-in-Ear receiver option has a third microphone that sits in the ear to collect sounds in the most natural way. It offers a more natural sound quality than ever before achieved in a RIE hearing aid. Spatial perception allows sound to be separated in depth and direction improving both localisation and hearing in low levels of noise.
For Hearing Aid Users:
M&RIE uses the unique shape of the ear to collect sound the way nature intended. Clients get the natural sound of custom products, combined with the advanced features and ease of use of a RIE model, for an immersive and individualised hearing experience with greater depth and direction.

Hear the benefits of M&RIE  
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