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Beltone HearMax app

An advanced control app for Beltone Serene™, Beltone Achieve™, Beltone Imagine™, Beltone Amaze™, Beltone Boost Ultra™, and Beltone Rely™ hearing aids.
The Beltone HearMax™ app has an intuitive design and one-tap access to its most popular features.



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Key benefits

Discreet control and personalisation

Your clients can control their hearing aids from their mobile devices or Apple Watch without ever touching their hearing aids. With just a few taps, they can adjust volume, balance treble and bass, and switch programs according to their environment.

Save and tag settings

Geo-tag the perfect sound settings for a certain location, say a concert hall, sports stadium or restaurant, via the app. Then, every time your clients visit that location, their hearing aids will automatically switch to their preferred setting.

Find lost hearing aids

The "Find My Hearing Aid" feature makes it easier for your clients to locate misplaced hearing aids. They simply select the feature to locate the last recorded position on a map.

Manage connectivity 

Manage connectivity with mobile devices and accessories directly from the Beltone HearMax app. Your clients can easily switch from one sound source to another as it suits them.

Easy onboarding 

  • The first time your clients use the app, simple on-screen instructions walk them through the basic hearing aid features. As they adapt to their hearing aids, the app continues to send them tips, adjusting to their hearing and preferences over the first week.
  • New and less experienced users receive motivational tips encouraging them to wear their hearing aids longer and adopt better hearing habits. This information is particularly helpful during the initial adaptation period after fitting.
  • Your clients can track the battery status of their rechargeable hearing aids and get a notification when they need recharging.
HearMax app
HearMax app

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