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Custom made
by you and ReSound

Let your expertise shine by offering an expertly fit hearing solution, custom made for your patients to sound natural, feel natural and connect them naturally to the world.







Did you know?


The most frequent component of patient delight is YOU the hearing care professional

MarkeTrak 2022



48% prefer a custom solution after immediate diagnosis of hearing loss

GN In-house Customs / ITE
Quantitative study 2H 2020



Comfortable fit, ease-of-use and discreetness are the key reasons to preferring a custom fit

GN In-house Customs / ITE
Quantitative study 2H 2020



Crafted with our
combined expertise

Only together can we make the perfect fit happen. Learn everything you need to know about creating and fitting custom hearing aids with our A-Z guide, with helpful tips and tricks that start with consultations and go all the way to the first fit.

Getting custom ear impression

On your side

Let us guide you through patient consultations, including conducting the otoscopy, taking ear impressions, selecting the ideal style, and getting the right fit.


Over at our side

Find out how we bring the ear impression to life with skillful craftsmanship, digital scanning, 3D shell fabrication, and electronics and mechanical assembly.


Think motivating patients to go from earbuds to hearing aids is a challenge? Think again

Explore how you can help new patients move to hearing aids earlier in their journey.

Explore our latest custom solution
Custom made by you and ReSound