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SmartTM app

The ReSound Smart app enables your clients to easily
create, save, and apply their favourite sound settings directly
from their smartphone when using ReSound LiNX2TM,
ReSound ENZO2TM, ReSound LiNXTM, ReSound ENZOTM 
or ReSound UpSmartTM



Discreet adjustments at your clients' fingertips

With a ReSound hearing aid, the ReSound Smart app will enable users to discreetly fine-tune their hearing aids to their unique taste. The app works with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and selected Android devices.

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Key benefits

One tap is
all it takes to
adjust settings

The ReSound Smart app is very easy to use and navigate. All the key functions can be activated or controlled from the main screen of the app with one touch. 

sound and streaming

Your clients can create and save their preferred soundscapes for different environments and stream calls and music to their hearing aids.


A variety of sound therapy and relaxing meditation exercises for tinnitus relief features in this app, coupled with a suite of nature sounds to select. 

Easy onboarding to wireless hearing aids

  • The first time your clients use the app, simple on-screen instructions walk them through the basic hearing aid features. As they adapt to their hearing aids, the app continues to send them tips, adjusting to their hearing and preferences over the first week.
  • New and less experienced users receive motivational tips to encourage them to wear their hearing aids longer and adopt better hearing habits. This information is particularly helpful during the initial adaptation period after the fitting.

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